Apps/habits that helped me become measurably more productive in 2019

My writing an article about productivity is prevented by a cat. She will be in the “anti-productivity-but-pro-mental-health” 106-part series I’ll write.

Bear — Notetaking

Lot of functionality in this one photo.

Google Tasks — Broad checklists

I can’t survive without a solid ToDo app.

Google Calendar — Weekly (non-work) schedule

Unless I’m in a kickboxing class, I will do this every Sunday.

Medium / Safari — blazing through articles

Earlier this year, I was into the mid-triple digits for saved stories.

Inbox Zero — reduce clutter

Could such a thing exist? Is this photoshopped?

Audible — finish books on commute

I recommend all of these.

Apple Screen Time — cut down on “junk food apps”

You might be surprised and saddened to see these stats.

Machine Learning Engineer, writing about the intersection of technology & fashion.

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